CAPODANNO D'AUTORE A CASTELSARDO CON FRANCESCO DE GREGORIProtagonista della quindicesima edizione del Capodanno in piazza a Castelsardo sarà Francesco De Gregori: uno dei più grandi esponenti del nostro panorama musicale. La notte di San Silvestro, allo scadere della mezzanotte, darà il benvenuto al nuovo anno, in una piazza...
Welcome to the new Tourist Portal of Castelsardo. Situated in the heart of the Gulf of Asinara, about 30 km from Sassari, Castelsardo is the main town of the Anglona and has about 5000 inhabitants. A place of natural beauty, tourism, traditions, and wonderful works of art, this medieval town is a charming place to spend a holiday between the sea,...
Lunissanti begins with a procession held on Holy Monday (“Lunedì Santo”, hence the name), the day after Palm Sunday, bearing the Mysteries, the instruments of the Passion of Christ. At Castelsardo and Tergu, Lunissanti represents a synthesis of local sentiment, where the sacred and solemn moment of the evocation of the Passion blends with the...
Castelsardo, new tourist centre
The new Castelsardo Tourist Centre has been opened today, in presence of all local authorities. The opening ceremony was carried out in the presence of all citizens, gathered together for the event. The Centre will host advanced services for tourists, with multimedia posts and hiring of handheld Self Guided Audio Tours.

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